What is Free Beer Sessions?

The Free Beer Sessions brings open source enthusiasts and users together.

Where open source enthusiasts come together and discuss industry trends, network with peers, and learn cool stuff, and the beer is free.

Join us in Joburg. Live streaming everywhere.

Register for Free Beer & food in Johannesburg, or join us online for a live transmission.

Our Next Free Beer Session

#25 8 March 2018 - Joburg

This is the Johannesburg event. For the Live Stream event Click here

Did anyone see January 2018? Our first Free Beer Sessions is coming up with local homegrown talent sharing their Open Source stories, challenges and learnings. If we were Nostradamus what would our challenges be for 2018? Will we as mere mortals be outsmarted by machines? Are we still gunning for those standard titles in the C-Suite or should they be D-Suites #Digital #Data #Discover? Can we start focusing on the here and now or are we really just virtual beings? If you're curious about these subjects or have something to say, join us for Free Beer Sessions.     

For more information on our speakers and guests follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated. 

If you can't make it to our live event... we will be live-streaming on YouTube in full HD!


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