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The Free Beer Sessions brings open source enthusiasts and users together.

Where open source enthusiasts come together and discuss industry trends, network with peers, and learn cool stuff, and the beer is free.

Join us in Joburg. Live streaming everywhere.

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#26 14 June 2018 - Johannesburg

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“Connect. Grow. Scale.” was a title in Entrepreneur Mag where the ambitions of independent business owners are now no different from the ambitions of a large corporation. Technology has now made it possible for everyone to reach their dreams and compete globally and against any size competition. 

What better way to leverage the ability to connect, grow and scale with Open Source Technologies and agile processes at Free Beer Sessions. Learn from the masters who have tried and tested this theory. Register now for this event, join us online and follow us on social media for more.

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Candice Herodotou (Née Mesk)

DUG & DevConf Organiser
DevOps Culture: Are you ready?


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Investec | 100 Grayston Drive | Sandton | Johannesburg

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